I started as a high school history teacher and a hockey coach at the high school and college level (well, as much as a story can "start" 22 years after the actual opening scene). I started a website where I wrote about minimalism and simplicity in 2009. I wrote there for a long time and made lots of friends and wrote a couple e-books. Then I realized what I was actually writing about was personal development and positive psychology, so I closed that site and started this one. In 2011 I started life coaching (except I hate the term life coach, so let's call it personal development coaching, eh?)

After a while I decided to go to graduate school for positive psychology. I took a class with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Then I took another one. And another one. And a bunch of other incredible classes with incredible faculty. Then I was Dr. Csikszentmihalyi's teaching assistant for a bit. Early in my graduate school career I took over TEDxClaremontColleges as a co-curator and have organized two events and have one more in the works for early 2014. Somewhere in there I graduated with a masters degree in positive developmental psychology and was accepted into the positive organizational psychology PhD program.

During that time I've been writing and researching and coaching and doing my best to put a Sam-sized dent in the world.

I value Growth, Discipline, Family, Simplicity, Integrity, and Peace. I have tattoos that represent two of those six values (and am planning the other four). I write 140 characters at a time on Twitter. I co-founded a positive psychology organizational consulting firm called Outlier Consulting GroupI research independent work(ers), coworking spaces, and the phenomenon of meaningful work as a PhD student.

I'm a huge Detroit Red Wings hockey fan. I'm originally from Michigan, but live in Southern California for now. I write every day, meditate most days, and eat more pizza than should be possible some days.

I love my readers, my coaching clients and when people say hi.

Thanks for being here and lending me some of your time and attention.

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