Thoughts on Mindful Sharing

"Imagine sitting with a group friends who randomly spurt out the titles of articles that they have read. That’s interesting, you think to yourself. So you look up some of the articles and read them yourself. Then you spurt out the title to another group of friends, who are spurting out their own circulation of titles too. Other than impressing one another with our bibliographic prowess, what has all this spurting accomplished?" - James Shelley

I often find myself thinking about how I'm interacting with the deluge of information I experience every day. More importantly, what is my role in others' experiences of the information they face every day? Does my writing enhance the overall quality of the information they take in or does it get lost in the shuffle? Does the way I interact with social media add or subtract from the experience of others?

I'm finding myself drawn more and more to those individuals who are carefully curating what they share on the internet. I'm becoming more interested in what people think about what they're sharing and not the sharing itself. Retweets are less interesting. Even comments on blogs are not quite the right venue for really digging into a topic. I'm a firm believer that everyone should have a place on the internet that is 100% their own to do with as they please. Ideally, that means sharing opinions and reflecting on issues in a form factor greater than 140 characters. I want people to take the ideas I write about here on and expand, respond, critique or otherwise interact with them on their own sites (and then send me the link, of course!)

What if we all just took one main idea, every day, and shared it? You get one retweet. One share on Facebook. One article to write. How would we approach it?