Work Better: A Free Guide to... Better Work

Before I moved my writing to I had been offering a free email course about how to work better imaginitively titled, "Work Better." I tried to bring together several different areas of psychology research that were all united by the fact that they could be leveraged to help people do better work while also feeling better about it. I wanted it to be concise and action-oriented -- delivering a quick shot of information, some ideas about how to use it, a couple additional resources, and then encouraging you to get back to work.

When I shifted to a couple weeks ago I wanted to have something to offer to newsletter subscribers (other than the excellent monthly newsletter, obviously). I decided to take the "Work Better" email course, re-edit it, and compile it into a short guide that could be read on your reading device of choice. I've been offering it for several weeks now but never actually gave much more information about what the guide actually covers.

Here's a quick summary:

Who will benefit from it?

Anybody who considers themselves an "indie worker." If you're a freelancer, micro-entrepreneur, contractor or anybody else who has a lot of autonomy over where, how, and when work happens. If you have a 9-to-5 "jobby job" but have entrepreneurial interests outside of work you definitely qualify as an indie worker. Hell -- even though the book is expressly written for indie workers I'd say at least 75% of the information can be relevant to people who work regular jobs as well.

What is covered in the guide?

My goal was to bring together several different streams of positive psychology under a unifying theme of how to make work more meaningful, productive, and enjoyable. As such, I cover:

  • The idea of having a growth versus fixed mindset
  • Why self-experimentation is so important to finding the best way to work for you
  • The concept of craftsmanship and how to bring it to a knowledge-work profession
  • How to find a state of "flow" in your work more easily
  • Why mindfulness is so important and how you can start to cultivate it
  • How to identify and use your strengths in order to do better work while enjoying it more
  • The importance of clarifying your values
  • How to enjoy the process of work -- and how it inevitably results in success
  • A smattering of tactical productivity tips

How do you get it?

You sign up for The Workologist Newsletter below or by clicking here. The newsletter is sent out monthly and is where I share my latest ideas to the people who care about them the most. Spam is completely out of the question -- that's not how I roll. After you confirm your subscription you will be given a link where you can download a file that has three versions of the guide: a PDF version to read on your computer, a .epub to read in iBooks, and a .mobi to read on your Kindle.

If you decide to read the guide I'd love to hear your feedback. You can always reach me on Twitter or by sending an email to