Announcing The File Drawer: A Podcast

Just a quick update to announce the release of a podcast I'm co-hosting called The File Drawer. It's largely the brainchild of my classmate/colleague, Eric Middleton. We're both psychology Ph.D students and we thought getting together and having a weekly conversation revolving (loosely) around our shared interest in human behavior would be a good idea.

While it's not exclusively about the topics I write about at The Workologist discussions about meaningful work, productivity, and my other interests will definitely make an appearance. For example, in the first episode we spend some time talking about my research on self-leadership and independent workers, the power of having a certain type of mindset, and what "the self" actually is. 

The first episode is recorded, published, and you should be able to find it in iTunes or your podcast player of choice right now. You can follow along at as well.

I'm excited to learn more about how to more effectively share my ideas in this new medium and I hope you'll give us a shot in joining your roster of podcasts.