The List #17

This week I'm sharing a few of my favorite new podcasts and websites that I've added to my information rotation. It's pretty rare for me to actually add (and keep) a new podcast into my listening routine and it's almost as rare for me to add a new website to my RSS reader so I figured the fact that these have made the cut is worth a mention.

Dive into these over the weekend and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

1. Hello Internet

Not only has this podcast broke into the ranks of my regularly listened to shows, it has cracked the top 3 in terms of my all-time favorite shows. The "two dudes talking" genre of podcast is quickly becoming my favorite style and the two dudes talking in this podcast don't disappoint. They're both professional YouTubers (they make videos for a living -- not something root-related) and have great rapport. It helps that one of the guy, CGP Grey, appears to be my personality doppelgänger in a disturbing number of ways.

2. Slate's Working

It has been a big couple of weeks for new and excellent podcasts. This one features an interview with someone from a different profession every week about the details of what they do all day. I absolutely love hearing about the daily routines and habits of people in professions that I know nothing about. Start with the episode about the pastor -- it's great stuff.

3. ISO50

Tycho creates some of my favorite electronic music and it's safe to say his tunes have driven much of my work over the past couple of years. This is his music and design blog where I've stumbled across more visually and auditory beautiful pieces of art than I can believe. Throw this in your RSS reader and you'll be dripped enough great instrumental electronic music over time to keep all your productivity playlists fresh and interesting. Case in point, I've listened to this song obsessively since first seeing it on this blog.

4. 5 Intriguing Things

I unsubscribe from 95% of the email newsletters I subscribe to. This one has made the cut. Basically Alexis Madrigal emails you a list of 5 links with short summaries on an incredibly broad set of topics. The underlying feature is that they are somehow intriguing. I would say I probably add 1-2 items to my Instapaper queue from this newsletter every day. Not a bad hit rate, really.

I'm not bold enough to place this in the actual list, but I've recently started a podcast called The File Drawer and if you like psychology and/or the "two dudes talking" genre of podcast then I'd love if you checked it out. The first episode is published and we are going to be releasing on a weekly schedule.

Photo by Nicholas Lundgaard