The Complete Workologist 2014 E-Book Now Available

I like re-reading journals and previous articles I've written for this site. Once a year or so I'll go back through and read the previous year's articles. It's a nice way to get reminders about things I should be thinking about, to prompt new writing ideas, and to just generally see how I've changed over the past twelve months. A couple weeks ago I sat down to do this again and I found myself a.) wondering how much I had written for The Workologist over the past year and b.) wishing I had an e-book of all my articles so I didn't have to click through my archives to read each one.

So, I made an e-book of all my 2014 writing (and the answer to a. is approximately 43,700 words - not including The List posts or Commentary posts).

I've had many people express to me that they would like to support the writing I do here but they aren't interested in hiring me as a coach, which until today was really the only way to pay me for any value you find here at The Workologist. Now, for $8, you can have a nicely formatted PDF, .mobi (for Kindle), or .epub (for iBooks) file of all the writing that appeared on The Workologist in 2014. If that seems like a thing you'd enjoy and you're willing to part with $8 you can get it here.

Thank you for your support!

Photo by spykster