Workologism #10: Start from a Place of Strength

If you're trying to "get organized" or declutter an area of your life, instead of tackling the gnarliest possible project, start with something super easy. Find one area of your life where you're already very organized and build out from there. For example, try starting with one of your hobbies.

Let's say you enjoy fishing. Presumably, if you enjoy fishing you keep your equipment in a relatively orderly state. Now, what is another area of your life that slightly intersects with this hobby and needs some attention? Maybe your car (I'm guessing you drive to wherever you go fishing)? Now your fishing gear and your car are in good shape. What's next? Garage? The dresser where you keep your fishing clothes? Keep radiating outwards until you encompass more and more of your life.

Once you get a handle on these physical spaces it may be easier to begin wrapping your arms around the more ephemeral aspects of your life (work commitments, goals, aspirations, responsibilities, etc.).

Photo by tunnelarmr