• I have an intense compulsion toward action. I've baked, "What's the next action?" into my mental hardware to the point where it has become second nature in everything I do.
  • Given point number one, it's probably not a surprise I get things done. I've been thinking about meaningful productivity for myself and others for a long time. I've had a lot of time to play with my own work habits and routines to the point where I know what I need to get good work done and I've developed the discipline to make it happen with very little oversight.
  • I'm naturally curious (take a look at my Goodreads profile to get a sense of my reading scope). I love learning and I crave opportunities to develop.
  • I love developing others. I've been working as a coach and/or teacher in some capacity for the majority of my adult life. I love helping people unlock their natural strengths and motivation.


  • I don't have traditional business training. I'm fascinated by business and want to learn everything I can about it but I don't have an MBA or any training whatsoever in traditional business topics like strategy or finance. I do have training in organizational behavior, organizational development, and organizational theory, though.
  • I don't have much business experience. I've done several applied school projects that involved leading a team of students on a project with actual companies but I didn't work in the business world prior or since coming to graduate school.

Digital Footprint


  • I've been playing hockey since I was four years old. I played pretty elite level hockey growing up and then competitive club during undergrad. I was the head coach of a college hockey team for two years. It's arguably the skill I've been doing the longest and most consistently. There's nothing better than the first three or four strides after first stepping onto a freshly resurfaced ice rink. I love watching NHL games on mute because I like to be able to read the momentum of the game, figure out who is playing well and who isn't, without the announcers biasing me (plus, it's often a good time to listen to an audiobook). Eventually, I expect my expertise with positive psychology and organizational development to reach a similar level, but then again I haven’t been thinking about that since I was four years old.
  • read a lot (see the Goodreads link above to get a sense of that). I love non-fiction of all kinds, particularly anything psychology, biography, or history related. I've also been known to crack open a fantasy or sci-fi novel from time to time. I've recently gotten into comic books a decent amount because I realized they are the perfect "shot" of fiction in a day often filled with numbers, statistics, and facts. I love sitting down with a comic book for ten minutes and losing myself in a well-crafted  story.
  • I used to be very intro real time strategy and role playing video games back in the day. That hobby has kind of fallen away but I've become pretty fascinated by "atmospheric" or "experiential" iOS games like Monument ValleyAlto's AdventureBadland, etc. I'm very interested in how mobile gaming is changing what it means to be a "gamer." The psychology of video game design is extremely interesting to me and I often find myself trying to figure out ways to make personal development as engaging as a game.
  • I work with my brain a lot for my day job(s). Sometimes I crave doing something truly tangible. In the last few years I have gotten pretty into cooking because it seems to really scratch that itch to do something I can see and put my hands around. Plus, food. I love watching documentaries about chefs and cooking because I love seeing craftsmanship in action. Shows and movies like Mind of a Chef and Jiro Dreams of Sushi motivate me to get better at what I do more than basically anything.