Consciously choosing to live a life directed by your values is one of the most rewarding and difficult decisions you can make. It can be incredibly easy to float through life letting external forces dictate your actions, attitude, and decisions. That is the course of action that most people take. However, the people I’ve observed as the most interesting, productive, and inspiring all live incredibly conscious lives. They know what they care about and they do everything they can to spend as much time and energy on these activities as possible. They don’t live a life dictated by advertising, others’ opinions, or other random stressors.

What Can This Book Do For Me?

Regaining Consciousness will help you take control and responsibility for your life and the way you live it. It will help you:

  • Identify elements of your life that could benefit from increased consciousness.
  • Teach you how to articulate and clarify your values.
  • How to take daily and continual steps toward living a more conscious life.
  • Teach you how to gain control over your health.
  • Fill your life with meaningful and passionate work.
  • Cultivate relationships that matter and end relationships that are harming you
  • Develop the discipline and focus needed to make consciousness an everyday part of your life

What Do You Get?

Included in the bundle are three different formats of the book:

  • A .mobi file for Amazon Kindles
  • A .epub file for iPhones/iPads
  • A .pdf for easy reading on a computer

Click here to download Regaining Consciousness for $2.99