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 That's me on the right. Maybe we had a chat over the past few days?

That's me on the right. Maybe we had a chat over the past few days?

In addition to coaching and consulting around the idea of independent work and organizational psychology, I am a PhD student at Claremont Graduate University in the Positive Organizational Psychology program. I get to work with people like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and other incredible faculty around the ideas of meaning, happiness, flow, and everything else that makes life worth living and work worth doing.

My specific research interest is the psychology of independent work and workers. My current project deals with self-leadership, psychological capital and work satisfaction.

Not every entrepreneur is looking to get huge

While there is a ton of research on entrepreneurship in psychology, it tends to focus on the "Silicon Valley model" of entrepreneurship. Get big quickly, money is the only thing that matters, yadda, yadda, yadda. Instead of doing entrepreneurship research as usual, I'm interested in the solopreneur, the lifestyle business owner, the freelancer -- the indie worker.

To that end, I'm collecting email addresses of indie workers who are interested in helping me with my research. That means you'd be willing to take a short survey in a few weeks once I've finalized my thesis project. It also means you might be up to do an interview via Skype or phone at some point in the future. Or, ideally, it means both!

What's in it for you, eh?

In return, I will share my research findings directly with you as I continue my academic career. Everything I learn about meaningful, productive, and positive indie work through my research will be delivered gift-wrapped to your email inbox. I won't add you to my coaching email list (although, I'd be pretty pumped if you joined it of your own volition) and you certainly aren't obligated to do anything if you share your email with me. In order for my research to work I need to sample the right people and I can't think of a better place than Pioneer Nation to have the attention of so many incredible indie workers at once. 

I'm excited to add to the scientific understanding of what it means to do good indie work and I hope you'll be willing to help me out. In keeping with the Pioneer Nation theme, you could think of yourself as helping me push into new territory when it comes to how we understand psychology, entrepreneurship, and work. Keep the exploration you started at Pioneer Nation going and add yourself to the list below!

Thank you!

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P.S. Please share this page with any other indie workers who might be interested in being part of scientific research that may directly benefit them.

Sam Spurlin, MA
Positive Organizational Psychology Ph.D candidate
Indie Work Coach & Organizational Development Consultant
samspurlin.com // outlierconsultinggroup.com