Over the past couple of years I’ve become obsessed with helping other people live meaningful and conscious lives. This obsession has manifested itself in a couple different ways. First, it was through teaching high school and coaching college hockey. Then, it was writing about personal development. Now, I go to graduate school to study positive psychology and use what I learn to inform my life coaching practice. However, the main way I’ve fed this obsession is by taking a serious look at how I live my own life and working hard to improve it. I’ve used myself as a mobile laboratory as I’ve learned how to develop the habits and mindset that let me operate at my optimal level.

In my first full-length e-book, Regaining Consciousness, I took my first attempt at describing what I felt was the number one obstacle in living an awesome life. I put forth a huge array of ideas and concepts in that book. I also had some amazing people share some insight and thoughts about how the various major components of living consciously fit into their lives.

In this new book, The Pyramid of Well-Being, I take the idea that I first planted in Regaining Consciousness and flesh it out into a complete framework for living better, happier, and more fulfilling lives. I realized that the process I’ve gone through over the past couple years was the same process that I’ve seen many other people go through as well. At first I thought I was trying to develop a framework or theory that was my own creation. Now, I realize I was essentially just describing a natural progression of what many people go through on the quest to improve their lives.

What does that process look like?

Enter, the Pyramid of Well-Being

Very simply, this book is about the journey along the path from the most basic of requirements to living a conscious life to the very pinnacle of operating at optimal experience. I try to make it incredibly clear and compelling as to why moving through these phases:

  • Articulating and Clarifying Values
  • Decluttering Mind and Space
  • Regulating Time and Attention
  • Cultivating Consciousness

These are the phases I’ve moved through in my own journey of living a life that I enjoy, the process that I’ve helped many people through with my life coaching, and what I’ve observed from many of the people around me who have made incredibly positive changes to how they live. It’s simple, and I think you’ll see, very compelling.

I’m not one to try to overhype my work. I’d much rather just lower the barrier of entry so you can read it and decide for yourself. If you look below, you can read the Introduction for free. 

What Do You Get?

Included in the bundle are three different formats of the book:

  • A .mobi file for Amazon Kindles
  • A .epub file for iPhones/iPads
  • A .pdf for easy reading on a computer

Click here to download The Pyramid of Well-Being: A Framework for Happiness and Success for $5.99.