I'm Sam.

A company, regardless of structure or size, is comprised of individual human beings. Human beings with unique strengths, weaknesses, motivations, proclivities, and quirks. The only way organizations get better is if their people get better. 

"Better" can mean a lot of things, but I think psychological well-being is a pretty good place to start. Helping people develop a sense of control, deliberately engaging with the world, and constructing a meaningful relationship with work on a day-to-day or moment-to-moment basis is what I'm all about.

I'm looking for any opportunity where I can work with people individually, in small groups, or across entire organizations in a quest to elevate their own games so their organization's game is raised as well. Organizations should act as a lens to magnify the abilities of their people, not diminish it. My goal is to work with organizations whose lenses need some attention so the people dedicating their time and energy can have a greater effect on the company and the world itself.

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