It's Not the Tools, It's the Carpenter

This blog isn't about minimalism.

It never has been. Sure, I bandy the word about but I've never considered myself a "minimalist blogger". I write about living simply and consciously -- in whatever form that takes. Sometimes that is through the tool of minimalism and sometimes it's not. Despite the recent uproar (which I promised myself I wouldn't get involved in -- although, appear to be doing so now) minimalism can't die. Tools can't die. Hammers, screwdrivers and computers are nothing more than what people make them to be. Minimalism is made by the people who practice it -- and they aren't going anywhere soon.

I caution those of use who are lucky enough to make a full or even partial living on the internet to lose perspective of the larger world. Just because everyone you interact with on Twitter claims to live minimally and consciously doesn't mean the idea is mainstream. If you read this blog you're in the minority. If you've ever left a comment, sent me an email, or interacted with me in any way you're part of an even smaller minority. Your reality isn't my reality. My reality isn't yours. We risk running into problems when we project our own perspective on others.

Please don't let one person represent an idea for you. Proclamations are pointless when we are talking about the way we live our lives. Conscious living applies to every aspect of life -- especially when it comes to what you read on this, or any other, blog.

I'm not particularly interested in petty controversies between people who write on the internet. I'm just going to keep writing about how I'm learning to live a simpler and more conscious life. Minimalism will continue to be a tool I use. However, my tools don't define me. Nobody looks at a world-class sculptor and says, "That's the guy who uses that really awesome chisel! Check out how sweet his chisel is!" A carpenter is not asked to wax poetic about his hammers and his saws after a house has been built.

I'm not interested in being defined by my tools either; I'm building something that transcends what I've used to build it.